What the Artist--Teachers Say

[About Introduction to Strings]

"Introduction to Strings is the best book of its kind for elementary level adults or college secondaries."
John Bauer, University of South Carolina

"I consider your book invaluable."
Gary Karr, Bass Soloist; Yale University

"I do feel they [fill] a need that has been missing instruction books in the past."
Gerald Daniel, Chairman of the Music Department, California State University at Long Beach

"May I say that Introduction to Strings seems to me the best work of its sort that I have yet seen."
George Green, Chairman of the Music Department of Skidmore College

"It is a rarity, a method which is exactly right for the group to which it is directed."
Pamela Goldsmith, California State University, Los Angeles

"I am greatly impressed. The material is clearly evolved and stated, and technically adroit and to the point."
Alexander Brott, McGill University

About Practicing the Viola, Mentally--Physically

"It is very well conceived, the exercises are excellent and the instructions clear."
Yehudi Menuhin

". . . an answer to a prayer. My congratulations on the simplicity and sensible thought you have shown in it."
Max Aronoff, Curtis Institute; the New School of Music

"The exercises disclose a profound pedagogic mind and a vast experience."
Herbert Blomstedt, Musical Director, Dresdener Staatskapalle

"It can and will be useful and instructive to all Violists."
Lillian Fuchs, Viola Soloist; Manhattan School of Music

"At last someone has had the courage to compose a viola method, Practicing the Viola, that is to the point, succinct and innovative. How refreshing!"
Milton Thomas, Festival Casals, University of Southern California

About Practicing the Violin, Mentally--Physically

". . . one of the finest methods to develop control in both hands."
Israel Baker, Resident; Scripps College

". . . an outstanding contribution to violin pedagogy . . . lucid and presented in a manner devoid of obfuscation."
George Perlman, Chicago

"It is an excellent addition to the literature for violin study."
Henri Temianka, Los Angeles

"I can sense the sensitive artist with the 'great tradition' behind these exercises."
Zvi Zeitlin, Eastman School of Music

About Virtuoso Violin Technique

"Your latest book is an excellent addition . . . a model of the very economy we all seek in our technique . . . ingenious in application of basic principles. The mind is kept active while the limbs are put through their paces."
Yehudi Menuhin

"It is a valuable contribution to the string pedagogy literature."
Robert Klotman, Indiana University

"What technic is all about. In the forward you really tell it all."
Joseph Fuchs, Juilliard School of Music

What the Critics Say
[about the books]

"The book is very well organized and covers the important principles of string playing for both left hand and the bow."
Lucas Drew, American String Teachers Magazine

"This book is dedicated to the late D. C. Dounis who, as far back as fifty or more years ago, was espousing the cause of mental picturization of movements made in the realization of the final process of what is gene3rally called technic or mechanism. Don't let the small size nor the terseness of the text mislead anyone about the contents."
Ishaq Arazi

"A clear, progressive programme of studies suitable for many levels."
The Strad

"He further feels that mental understanding leads to more control than does pure physical strength alone. The illustrated exercises and studies in this book are designed to achieve this type of control for the violist."
International Musician

What the Critics Say
[about performances]

"As special guest Louis Kievman who played with luscious tone and technical finesse."
Time Magazine

"A brilliant performance revealed Mr. Kievman a violist of distinctly superior gifts."
New York Times

". . . resonant large tone and violinistic skill."
Los Angeles Times