Kelton Publications

 Louis Kievman
The critcally well received series of string instruction books by Louis Kievman -- long popular in colleges and universities -- remain available from Kelton Publications. They consist of companion volumes for the violin and viola, entitled "Practicing the Violin-Mentally, Physically" and "Practicing the Viola-Mentally, Physically" respectively, as well as "Virtuoso Violin Technique". These books bring together Mr. Kievman's wide experience to present to string players an approach which enables the development of playing skills in a scientific manner. In addition there is "Introduction to Strings", a collection which consists of individual violin, viola, cello and bass parts plus a conductor's score, and which are directed to the music educator. For those who play instruments other than strings, the series may be considered a reference book on these instruments as well as a study book for those learning to play these instruments.

Mr. Kievman died in December, 1990, but these instruction books remain available.

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